Confined Space Entry Training: Construction

Trench Shoring Company offers two Training Seminars; Competent Person Training for Trenching & Excavations and Confined Space Entry Training. Click on the links on the left to download the Information sheet and Application forms. For additional detail and scheduling please contact: Kelley Malloy at 310-327-5554, or e-mail us today at .

Trench Shoring Company Confined Space Entry Training Including the New Confined Space Entry for Construction Standards.

The Confined Space Entry Training Seminar now includes the new upgraded California and Federal standards for Confined Spaces in Construction.

Cal OSHA Title 8, Chapter 4, Article 37, 1950-1962

Fed OSHA 29 cfr 1926 AA 1201-1213

It is intended to provide managers, foremen, competent persons, and workers with basic information regarding entry into confined spaces. It’s purpose is intended to create an awareness of the hazards associated with confined space entry, to help workers understand the procedures that must be followed when entering confined spaces, and to provide managers with basic information necessary to establish a confined space entry program.

This course will assist participants with the following:

  • Understand the new regulations with respect to confined spaces in construction
  • Identify confined spaces
  • Demonstrate knowledge of confined space entry requirements
  • Identify confined space hazards
  • Set up a basic confined space entry program

The seminar is roughly 5-6 hours with a 50 question test at the end to show comprehension of the material covered.

Trench Shoring Safety Training

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Confined Space Entry Training - Fullerton

Confined Space Entry Training - Las Vegas

Registration / Scheduling / Payment

Please call Kelley Malloy at 310-327-5554 for scheduling, class availability and payment arrangements. Classes are paid for in advance or at the time of the class.

Individual Training Cost

We offer seminars at our training facility in Fullerton on selected Saturdays at a cost of $150.00 per person including a comprehensive handbook, a certificate of completion, a wallet card, continental breakfast and lunch.

Group Training at Your Facility

We offer Competent Person Training for Trenching and Excavations, Confined Space Entry Training, as well as customized trench safety training at your facility.  Group Training is quoted based on day of the week, location and number of participants.

Training Instructors

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