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Trench Shoring University (TSU) Combines a Safe Training Environment with Live, Instructor-Led Training

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For more than 40 years Trench Shoring University has trained over 30,000 team members, helping them stay safe in the trenches. In response to COVID-19, TSU has been proactive in providing live, expert, instructor-led Zoom classes that deliver all the benefits of classroom training. Courses are offered in English, or an English/Spanish Bilingual format.

Trench Safety Training is required. If you are digging trenches, you are doing excavation training to keep your crews safe. You may have a dedicated Safety Manager, you may have full or part time training instructors, or your insurance company may be providing the training.

Whatever your circumstances, our subject matter experts have worked in the field with compliance for years. Let us help you achieve your trench safety training goals. For more information about trench safety programs, please contact us.

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Contributing to underground safety, trenching and excavations.



Training happens when people are interested and engaged.

Greg Shreenan
Director of TrainingGreg Shreenan

Prior to joining Trench Shoring Company over 17 years ago, Greg had two decades of ground-up experience with heavy equipment. Greg started as an Outside Shoring Consultant with Trench Shoring Company. He got involved in training because he wanted to be of service to contractors. He was certified to be a NUCA instructor in Lakeland Florida in April of 2006. Since then, we have trained over 10,000 people as Competent Persons for Trenching and Excavations in addition to Confined Space Entry training. In the fall of 2015 Greg became a NAXSA approved instructor. In the fall of 2018, he accepted the Training Committee Chair position for NAXSA.

Greg’s training philosophy is simple. “There is nothing more valuable on this planet than people. Training happens when people are interested and engaged and not until. Once engaged, we can explore how the standards set in place can be used to keep us safe and help us plan to improve. Safety is now a marketable quality.”

Connecting & Contributing

‘I am extremely passionate about connecting with people and seeing things progress from the work we do together… I am excited for the prospects of what we can contribute to underground safety.’

Fred Estrada
CPT/CSE TrainerFred Estrada

Trench Shoring Company has expanded the strength and experience of its Trench Shoring University (TSU) with the addition of new trainer, Fred Estrada, and now provides bilingual classes in its training program. Trainer Fred Estrada brings over forty years of experience in construction and shoring.

In 1998, Estrada was trained by Trench Shoring Company founder, Tom Malloy, in CAL-OSHA trench and excavation standards and still proudly displays his Certificate of Completion from that training.  He himself was motivated to enter the training profession so he could do his part to protect workers in the trenches.  “Years ago, I saw three deaths firsthand in pipe laying,” he notes.  “Back then, our teams weren’t properly trained because the current OSHA training just didn’t exist.  There has been an evolution in hazard awareness over the past decade or so.  I came to Trench Shoring Company with a determination to save lives.”  His epiphany came during an early training, when several classmates asked Estrada to translate some of the information into Spanish.  He realized even then that there was a huge need to communicate to these Spanish-speaking students who were reluctant to speak up.

Saving Lives

‘I came to Trench Shoring Company with a determination to save lives.’


Trench Shoring University, a department of Trench Shoring Company, is maintaining our business operations as part of the "essential business" provisions. We remain committed to support your trench safety needs in these challenging times. We have implemented mandatory safety and health procedures for our customers and employees, These include following social distancing requirements and adjusting for large in-person gatherings. We are offering online live training. This is live instructor-led training via Zoom. We can provide live in-person training on a case-by-case basis as long as we can be fully compliant with COVID-19 CDC Guidelines and State Regulations. Please contact us if you have any questions about our safety and health procedures during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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