Endeavour's Final Trip

Ten Year Anniversary

Endeavours Last Trip

Ten years ago, on October 14, 2012, the space shuttle Endeavour arrived at the California Science Center to begin its new mission as a museum exhibit. We are proud of our participation in the historic project to move the shuttle from LAX to Exposition Park.

Trench Shoring provided and delivered all of the plates and Dunkel Bros. concentrated on the placement. We provided more than 1,000 trench plates, which is the equivalent of 95,000 square feet or around two acres of surface area. Dunkel Bros. placed the plates as they were being delivered; because leaving stacks of trench plates overnight was prohibited. In all there was around 110 truckloads of plates and other material to deliver and the same amount to pickup later. Dropping off the material took us around eight days, while the pickup was accomplished in half that time. We fulfilled the entire order with our existing inventory by coordinating with all of Southern California locations, as well as our branch in Las Vegas. We delivered to several predetermined locations, which required lane closures from 6:30 am to 2:00 pm. The plates were available in various sizes, from 8’x10’ to 8’x20’ and anywhere from 3,200 lbs to 6,500 lbs. each. This was a great team effort by everyone involved.

Enjoy the pictures of this historic project: "Space Shuttle Endeavour's L.A. Street Parade."

Dunkel Bros. and Trench Shoring Company Do Their Part to Safely Deliver The Space Shuttle Endeavour From LAX to The California Science Center.

First Reported: 2012 Issue 10 "CalContractor" Magazine, Updated October 13, 2022

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