Shore Up for Safety Week 2023

Trench Shoring Company is proud to participate with NAXSA in “Shore Up for Safety Week” May 1 – 5, 2023. Shore Up for Safety is a nationwide mobilization of members and colleagues as lifesavers, promoting safety awareness and training through hands-on activities. The goal is to focus a full work week on reaching as many companies and workers as possible with critical information about the proper use of shoring systems – and to engage them in OSHA’s Subpart P to achieve NAXSA’s target of zero deaths and injuries. If you would like more information about a Shore Up for Safety Event, please contact your Trench Shoring Representative.

What Constitutes a Shore Up for Safety Event?

Any excavation safety training, competent person class, toolbox talk, safety meeting or presentation.

Per NAXSA you might consider highlighting any of following topics for discussion or training in your Shore Up for Safety Week activities:

  1. The role of the Competent Person
  2. Ground level hazards and tripping hazards - what is in the 2’ zone of the trench
  3. Working around underground utilities
  4. Avoiding falling tools entering the trench
  5. Hazardous atmospheres
  6. Water accumulation
  7. Soil classifications
  8. Proper use of shoring and trench boxes
  9. Proper sloping and benching requirements
  10. You are your best advocate for your own safety
  11. Recent OSHA directives that impact you
  12. 2022 trench fatalities (39)
  13. Emergency plan
  14. Ladder requirements
  15. Jobsite communication and signals

Please check Trench Shoring University’s schedule of upcoming training >>

You can request information about a customized group training for your company >>

Contact your TSC Shoring Consultant to set up a Toolbox Talk >>


Hot Off The Press!

News From The Trenches - TSC Newsletter

We are pleased to announce Issue 1 of the Trench Shoring Company Newsletter: "News From The Trenches". This quarterly publication is created for our customers, employees and partners.

Every issue will have:

  • The lead story - we will be featuring content about the industry, projects, products or people 
  • Updates and announcements about Trench Shoring Company
  • President's Message
  • Product spotlights
  • Safety Training
  • Information about our locations

The format is letter sized in PDF format. We'll also print a few copies, which will be available at each of our locations. 

The newsletter is edited by Chris Kennedy, Branch Manager, Compton. 

"It's great working on the newsletter", said Chris. "We have so much information to share about trenching, excavations, safety, our industry, and the people who make it all happen. I'm looking forward to getting stories for future publication." 

Please email Chris with any content ideas, stories or feedback. 

If you would like to subscribe to an electronic version, please sign up.

>> Download News From The Trenches, Issue 1 - November 2022


Ten Year Anniversary

Endeavours Last Trip

Ten years ago, on October 14, 2012, the space shuttle Endeavour arrived at the California Science Center to begin its new mission as a museum exhibit. We are proud of our participation in the historic project to move the shuttle from LAX to Exposition Park.

Trench Shoring provided and delivered all of the plates and Dunkel Bros. concentrated on the placement. We provided more than 1,000 trench plates, which is the equivalent of 95,000 square feet or around two acres of surface area. Dunkel Bros. placed the plates as they were being delivered; because leaving stacks of trench plates overnight was prohibited. In all there was around 110 truckloads of plates and other material to deliver and the same amount to pickup later. Dropping off the material took us around eight days, while the pickup was accomplished in half that time. We fulfilled the entire order with our existing inventory by coordinating with all of Southern California locations, as well as our branch in Las Vegas. We delivered to several predetermined locations, which required lane closures from 6:30 am to 2:00 pm. The plates were available in various sizes, from 8’x10’ to 8’x20’ and anywhere from 3,200 lbs to 6,500 lbs. each. This was a great team effort by everyone involved.

Enjoy the pictures of this historic project: "Space Shuttle Endeavour's L.A. Street Parade."

Dunkel Bros. and Trench Shoring Company Do Their Part to Safely Deliver The Space Shuttle Endeavour From LAX to The California Science Center.

First Reported: 2012 Issue 10 "CalContractor" Magazine, Updated October 13, 2022

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22 workers have perished in first half of 2022

Trench Safety Training - Compliance Saves Lives

As a company that provides trench shoring safety equipment and teaches trench safety classes, and whose President is the current President of the North American Excavation Shoring Association, we are very concerned with the rise of trench related fatalities. Our employees and sales staff are asked questions all the time about equipment, job site conditions and workable solutions. Our purpose is to promote the safe and efficient use of excavation shoring practices.

Please, don't be a statistic - talk to us about how you can make your people safe in the trenches with the right products, or sign up for a trench safety training course

Reported July 2022, Press Release from U.S. Department of Labor

Read the full press release at the U. S. Department of Labor >> 


Kevin Malloy

Trench Shoring Company President Kevin Malloy was elected incoming 2022 President of North American Excavation Shoring Association (NAXSA) at their recent convention in Dallas, TX. NAXSA was created to promote the safe and efficient use of excavation shoring practices and represents the professions in the shoring industry—from manufacturers, engineers and rental companies to distributors, suppliers and government agencies, all of whom share the common goal of maintaining safety in the excavation shoring industry.

Reported May 2022 

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Trench Shoring Company Supports Breast Cancer Awareness

Think Pink... Think Strong. Trench Shoring Company supports Breast Cancer Awareness - this October, and all year long!

>> Join us -- DONATE to Susan G. Komen: https://bit.ly/TSC2-bca21


Building Industry Association, New Homes Showcase

Trench Shoring Company is proud to be a member of the Building Industry Association (BIA). The BIA is the leading advocate for thousands of building industry leaders who are committed to a better future for California by building communities, creating jobs, and ensuring housing opportunities for everyone. Trench Shoring applauds the launch of the BIASC New Homes Showcase, and looks forward to engaging with the builder communities it supports.

Reported April 2020.

>> View New Homes Showcase Press Release


West Fontana Flood Reduction Project

Trench Shoring Company provides 800 - 8x15R trench plates to Sukut Construction on the West Fontana Flood Reduction Project. The project broke ground on February 4, 2019, with completion scheduled by the end of 2020. This project will ultimately deepen, expand, and line the existing West Fontana Channel to provide enhanced flood protection during peak stormwater flows.

Reported April 2020, Issue 3, by Brian Hoover, CalContractor Magazine

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Sheldon Creed - Dayton #2 Truck Sponsored by Trench Shoring Company

Trench Shoring Company congratulates Sheldon Creed, #2 Team - GMS Racing/Trench Shoring Company, driving his Chevrolet Silverado Chevy at Daytona International Speedway in the NextEra Energy 250 NASCAR Gander RV & Outdoors Truck Series. He had a great race, with a respectable finish. We are proud to be a sponsor and are looking forward to more great races from this young man.

Reported February 2020

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Damion Gardner Wins Historic 8th USAC/CRA Sprint Car Chamionship

Trench Shoring Company congratulates Damion Gardner on his historic USAC/CRA Sprint Car Championship.

Reported January 2020, Press Release

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Granite construction LAX Midfield Satellite Concourse

Granite Construction Digging Deep on Midfield Satellite Concourse North Project at the Los Angeles International Airport.

Reported April 2018, Issue 3, by Brian Hoover, CalContractor Magazine

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Safety Training, Competent Person Training Trenches and Excavations

Excavating to the Culture of Safety. Good planning before excavation begins is key. The Competent Person for T&E work plays a crucial role in managing and implementing the control measures as outlined in a good plan. A properly trained
Competent Person understands the work to be done, he / she is experienced in excavation work and knows how to keep the job safe for employees as well as be compliant with the OSHA excavation standard.

Reported June 2017, by Greg Shreenan, Contractor News & Views (CNV) Magazine

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Trench Shoring Company & Trautwein Construction Inc. Sewer Replacement Project

The Newhope Placentia Trunk Sewer Replacement Project aims to increase the size of the current system by replacing more than 7 miles of sewer line with larger diameter pipe. 

Reported March 2017, Issue 3, by Brian Hoover, CalContractor Magazine

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TSC Safety

Just when you thought trench worker safety was on an undeviating ever-safer course — BAM! — the dream of zero fatalities collapsed under a ton of dirt. Manufacturers discuss current statistics and the importance of protective systems.

As reported by Giles Lambertson, Utility Contractor, February 2017

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