Pipe Plugs, Pipe Testing Equipment

Pipe Plugs Single & Multi-Size Models from 2" to 96". Custom Built Pipe Plugs available on request.

Many contracting jobs require pipe plugs for pipe testing applications including leak detection, minimal flow thru, high volume by-pass work, line air testing, continuous flow-thru, as well as mechanical and general plumbing.

Trench Shoring Company has the pipe testing equipment solution, whether you need to purchase or rent equipment. We sell and rent a complete line of highly durable Cherne® and Lansas® Inflatable and Mechanical Pipe Plugs. Our vast inventory includes rental units in single and multi-size models ranging from 2” to 96” with larger and specialized custom built units also available on request.

If your project requires blocking or bypassing a sanitary sewer pipe, water pipe or just about any other type of application, we rent or custom-build a pipe plug to meet your needs.

Trench Shoring Company can handle any pipe plug need. We offer same-day service from our 10 convenient locations.

  • Multi-Size & Single-Size Pipe Plugs
  • Rupture Protected Plugs for Large Diameter Pipe
  • Multi-Size & Single-Size Flow-Thru Plugs
  • Air Test & Leak Location Kits
  • Manhole Vacuum Testing Equipment
  • High Volume Flow-Thru Plugs

  • Mechanical Plugs
  • Single-Size Disc Plugs
  • Hydrostatic Test Pumps
  • Pipeline Cleaning Balls
  • Deflection Gauges
  • RIPCORD Ventilators

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