Bedding Boxes and Grizzly Screens

Bedding Boxes Reduce Waste & Maximize Productivity

Bedding Boxes eliminate the waste of expensive bedding material while maximizing equipment efficiency at the jobsite. The loader operator remains productive, with no wasted time waiting to load and place bedding material in the trench. The loader is free to perform other jobsite tasks while occasionally restocking the Bedding Box.

Bedding Box Features

  • High-tensile steel construction for extra-long service life
  • Half-inch steel bottoms and ends minimizes routine bucket-contact wear and tear
  • High-strength tubular frame for durability and structural integrity
  • Skid bottoms (standard) reduce wear from dragging and walking movement
  • Radius-pipe skid bar reduces material accumulation (plowing effect) while pushing forward
  • Lifting/pulling lugs (standard) for easy sling attachment and box movement
  • Sloped Ends for efficient bucket access and retrieval of bedding material
  • Lift/walk bars (standard) for added mobility and ease of handling with the excavator

Bedding Box Specifications

Cubic Yards
Height Length Width Weight
7.5 50" 11' 80" 5,290 lbs
9 50" 12' 80" 5,570 lbs
12 56" 14' 85" 7,710 lbs

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Grizzly Screens

8.5 Foot Grizzly

This unit was designed on the same premise as all our models, to be able to withstand the environment they work in. Using solid stock tumbler bars and solid Grizzly bars with 3/8” thick tubing and plate for support this unit holds up like a pro in the excavation and construction arenas.

12 Foot Grizzly

Our 12’ line of Grizzlies were developed to work with the 4 to 5 yard load market. Built with solid 1 ½” tumbler bars and 1”x4” solid Grizzly bars this unit will withstand thousands and thousands of yards of rock and dirt. Our 12’-12” Grizzly is built with 2”x4” solid grizzly bars and 2” solid tumbler bars to take on Rip Rap and more!

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