Oxford® LowPro 15/10 Trench Cover

Safe, Simple & Strong Driveway Board & Sidewalk Cover

The Oxford LowPro Trench Cover is a lightweight and easy-to-handle alternative to the steel plate. This trench cover is installed in seconds with an easy 2 person lift, with no need for specialist lifting equipment.

Suitable for 7700lbs Vehicles Over a 36” Trench & for Pedestrian Apps Requiring Up to 48" Span

  • More stable than traditional trench covers thanks to its PVC anti slip edge and higher load rating
  • Lighter than steel road plates making it easier to maneuver and transport for driveway applications
  • Very stable without anchoring (Does not need to be fixed in most applications)
  • Can be anchored, if site conditions require

  • Covers 36" trench for 7700 lb vehicle traffic and 48" for pedestrian traffic up to 882 Ibs
  • Inner yellow section made from glass reinforced composite
  • Gas vents and probe hole designed into product
  • Shock Resistant
  • Two person lift


Infill Strips Connect Multiple LowPro Trench Covers

The Infill Strip completes the LowPro Trench Cover system: they are used to connect several trench covers in a line to prevent drifting. The Infill Strip has the added benefit of removing trip hazards between LowPro Trench Covers. Available in a small and large size depending on the orientation of the trench cover over the trench.

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Easy 2 Person Lift Trench Cover

Easy 2 Person Lift

The Oxford LowPro 15/10 Trench Cover can be handled by 2 people. It is far easier to lift and install than trench plates as there is no need for heavy lifting equipment.


Say Goodbye to Anchors and Cold Patch

The Oxford LowPro 15/10 Trench Cover has an innovative and patented Flexi-Edge system which does not need to be anchored down or cold patched. This greatly reduces trip hazards for pedestrians and reduces installation time.


Oxford LowPro 15/10 Anti-slide Trench Cover: Flexi-Edges

The anti-slide technology, on the underside and edges of the Oxford LowPro Trench Cover, is made from a soft, flexible, rubber material which grips the surface reducing unwanted movement. Rubber edges can be replaced to extend the life of your LowPro 15/10.

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